The Silk Road

What is the Silk Road? We’ve probably all heard of the Silk Road, but how many of us really know what it is? The Silk Road consists of an extensive network of trade routes that has been around for over 2000 years, connecting the West with the East. The Ancient Silk Road conjures up many […]

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Central Asian Cuisine

Introduction to Central Asian Cuisine Food’s an important part of any trip.  We both worry and get excited about all the delicious things we might taste during our travels.  We’ve put together a food guide so that if you’re about to embark on a journey through Central Asia, you’ll know what to expect.  We’ll unravel […]

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Expo 2017

10 Reasons to Visit Astana during EXPO 2017

Astana – the capital of Kazakhstan Astana is the glittering showpiece of 21st century Kazakhstan. The country’s new capital has risen suddenly from the northern steppe, and its fantastical, futuristic skyline is the work of famous architects from around the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar city, and unashamedly so. World EXPO 2017 From 10 June to […]

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Burana Tower in Kyrgyzstan

“I was transfixed…when I found out about an important medieval Turkish map in Istanbul that had at its heart a city called Balasaghun, which I had never even heard of, which did not appear on any maps, and whose very location was uncertain until recently, and yet was once considered the centre of the world” […]

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