Central Asia – plugs & sockets

Central Asia
Posted on: 1 January 2022

Central Asia – plugs & sockets

Nowadays, an important part of any trip or even any casual day became our electronic devices. Therefore it is good to know about plugs and sockets in Central Asia and what kind of adaptor to bring to charge your electronics during your tour.  Generally, the whole of Central Asia uses 220V at 50 cycles.

Central Asian Sockets look like thisCentral Asian sockets look like this

Plugs in Central Asia look like thisCentral Asian plugs

Phone chargers

Chargers for mobile phones bought in Switzerland or Europe are suitable for Central Asian sockets without any travel adapter.

Example of Samsung ChargerSamsung charger is suitable for Central Asian sockets

Example of an iPhone chargerCentral Asian iPhone charger plug

Travel AdapterTravel adapter for Central Asia

Often there is only one or two sockets per room in hotels, guesthouses and yurts, therefore we recommend to bring an outlet with several sockets, especially if you’re sharing a room or have multiple devices to charge. Check out our packing list for Central Asian Tour or packing list for trekking if you are planning to visit this beautiful part of the world.




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