Kalpak Travel in Media

Central Asia
Posted on: 6 March 2018

Kalpak Travel in Media

Kalpak Travel is a young company specialized on tours to Central Asia. The company was honored to be featured in various media outlets, so here we share with what others have to say about Kalpak Travel & Central Asia. Kalpak Travel in Media

The Independent

Eight Reasons to Go to Uzbekistan” is explained by Clare who traveled with Kalpak Travel to Uzbekistan. Get to know the major highlights of Uzbekistan and read what impressed the author in Central Asia.

Outlook Traveller

An article about the modern nomads of the old Silk Road and sleeping in yurts in the desert of Uzbekistan.

Elle ELLE Magazine Kalpak Travel

ELLE – a worldwide famous fashion magazine recommended Kalpak Travel in its travel section! Journalists of ELLE traveled to Tajikistan with Kalpak Travel and shared with their experiences in March 2018 print issue of Elle in the UK. Get ready to pack your suitcases and explore Central Asia. Elle features Kalpak Travel


Kelly Lewis recommended Kalpak Travel on Forbes, after her trip to Uzbekistan. “Traveling through Central Asia is, in many ways, the ultimate adventure” – says the author and recommends visiting Uzbekistan in 2018!Forbes features Kalpak Travel

Lonely Planet

Megan Eaves from Lonely Planet was fascinated by Central Asia. She wrote several articles featuring Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. “It’s true that Uzbekistan is the kind of place that many people don’t reach, but the country has chugged into the new millennium with an excellent high-speed train network that makes getting around here much easier than many travellers might think, ” says Megan in her article “Easy Uzbekistan: the Silk Road by high-speed train.” Read her impressions about travelling in Uzbekistan and watch her video “Just back from: Uzbekistan” on Lonely PlanetLonely Planet featuring Kalpak Travel

National Geographic

You could see Kalpak Travel in April 2017 print issue of the National Geographic Traveller UK. The article was dedicated to the Silk Road Xian to Istanbul, traversing the Central Asian Region. national geographic featuring Kalpak Travel

Huffington Post

Viola Helen was featured in Huffington Post with her story of amazing travels through Uzbekistan. “Being able to say you’ve been to Uzbekistan is pretty cool in itself, let’s be honest. The majority of people have never even heard of this hidden little gem, let alone consider visiting it. Take the plunge and visit somewhere new for a change – you won’t regret it, I promise,” – says the author in “Why Uzbekistan Should Be Your Next Destination.” She also wrote an article on her blog and wonders if Uzbekistan is “Possibly The Most Instagrammable Place Ever?!” Viola is a talented travel blogger, Instagrammer and Youtuber, studying at Oxford University. you can also watch her travel video about Uzbekistan:

Evening Standard

Radhika Aligh, a journalist from Evening Standard explains “10 reasons why you should visit Uzbekistan.”  “Uzbekistan is exactly how you image it to be – dazzling mosques, intricately carved minarets, Soviet-style buildings and towns stuck in time…” Enjoy her article and video on Evening Standard page. Evening Standard about Kalpak Travel

City AM

Noo Saro-Wiwa recommends Kalpak Travel in City AM for tours to Central Asia. She says: “Rich in history and home to some of the world’s most impressive architecture, Uzbekistan’s untapped tourist scene is a trove of hidden wonders.” City Am reccomends Kalpak Travel

The Travel Magazine

Kalpak Travel was delighted to be featured in the travel magazine several times. Sophie  recommends us for “Discovering Uzbekistan: At the centre of the Silk Road”  and shares with her tips for “Trekking the Fann Mountains in Tajikistan.” The author also explains “Why you should visit Kyrgyzstan” in her article on Women4Adventure.


UK’s biggest independent travel magazine – Escapism featured Kalpak Travel in its print issue nr. 38 and in 42 in the year 2017. You can have a glimpse at the article on this free version online.Escapism featured Kalpak Travel on Central Asia

Destig Magazine

Destig Magazine recommends Kalpak Travel for Central Asia holidays in its article “Leading Central Asia Tour Operator guides you to the magical world of the Silk Road”

Destig recommends Kalpak Travel for Central Asia holidays

Suitcase Magazine

Suitcase Travel Magazine in the UK featured Uzbekistan in the article “50 Shades of Blue: A Journey through Uzbekistan.” “I am drawn to Uzbekistan for its unique design mash-up of a few lucky surviving buildings and newly added architecture that combines to reflect a fascinating political and cultural history…” says Clare and shares with her marvelous photos.

Time Out London

Clare Vooght shared on Time Out London with her impressions about Uzbekistan after traveling with Kalpak Travel. Time out London recommends Kalpak Travel

Inflight Magazine Air Astana

Tengri in-flight magazine of Air Astana featured  travel article on Kyrgyzstan in 2017 and mentions Kalpak Travel for organizing tours to get to know the local nomad lifestyle.Air astana featured Kalpak Travel

Bradt Travel Guide

Bradt Travel Guide mentions Kalpak Travel in its article “Five Reasons to Visit Tajikistan.” “Trekking is one of the main reasons that visitors come to Tajikistan: the mountains are exceptionally beautiful, and the more remote and higher reaches are accessible only on foot…” Kalpak Travel can be also seen in the 2nd edition of the Bradt Travel Guide for Tajikistan.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Maria writes about her tour in Usbekistan and sleeping in yurts in the desert. (The article is in German.)

Kalpak Travel recommended in major travel media outlets for Central Asia Tours

If you would like to experience the true beauty of Central Asia that fascinated so many writers, check out our group or private tours to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan.