Central Asia Travel Apps

Central Asia
Posted on: 11 January 2022

Central Asia – Useful Travel Apps

Which Apps to download for your travel in Central Asia?

Central Asia Travel Apps

Currency Converter – XE

If you will travel to several countries in Central Asia it is very useful to have an XE – currency converter since each country in Central Asia have their own currencies.


The most popular is google maps where you can download offline maps, however, you cannot use it for navigation if you are walking. Maps.Me is a good alternative, you can download an offline map and even use it for many trekking routes. 2GIS is good for navigating offline in cities and can show public transport routes in some major cities.Maps me in Central Asia

Google Translate

You can download the Russian language and make it available offline so you can translate some basic things.Google Translate App in Central Asia

Yandex Taxi

It is an alternative to Uber in Central Asia and it is the safest way to get from one place to another.


If you find articles on the web that you would like to read later and offline – pocket is a great app.


Izi.Travel has audio guides for major cities in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as well as for Sarazm archeological site in Tajikistan. These audio guides can be downloaded and are perfect if you have more time in cities like Bishkek, Nur – Sultan or Almaty.

Flora Incognita

If you like learning about plants and would like to identify some, this app is good, however, you will need an internet connection.

Audible, Kindle & Netflix

Some road trips and transfers between places can take a long time so do not forget your favorite app for entertainment, that you can also enjoy offline.


TripAdvisor is always good for reading reviews, for example, you can check out what our travelers think of Kalpak Travel.

Google Arts & Culture

If you enjoy museums and art you can explore artifacts related to Central Asia online.


In Turkmenistan, you will not be able to use any of the social media or message apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and others unless you have VPN. The only thing that works is an App called IMO, so if you need to contact your family and friends, you can download and register this app. Of course, the other person who you will contact needs to install it as well. 

Social Media & Message Apps

Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, or any other social media that you enjoy are the must-haves on the phone, so you can share your trip with the rest of the world. Let us know if you find other apps very useful to travel in Central Asia!