Top 10 Places to See in Central Asia

Central Asia
Posted on: 21 March 2017

top ten places to see in Central Asia:

Central Asia has amazing places to see and a variety of sightseeing activities. Our fascination for this region lies in its diversity and our top ten ranking encompasses different experiences in five Central Asian “Stans”Central Asia Landscape

#1 The cities of Uzbekistan’s ancient Silk Road – Samarkand, Bukhara & Khiva

Top ten things to see in central asia, silk road cities

#2 Song Kul – an Alpine lake surrounded by lush summer pasture in Kyrgyzstan

Top Places Central Asia

#3 The Pamir Highway traversing Tajikistan

Pamir Highway, Central Asia

#4 Darvaza – the gas crater also known as the “Gate of Hell”, Turkmenistan

Central Asia, travel

#5 Issyk Kul – the second largest mountain lake in the world, located in KyrgyzstanCentral Asia, Issyk-Kul

#6 Astana – the modern capital of Kazakhstan

Central Asia cities

#7 The turquoise lakes and world-class trekking in Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains

Central Asia, nature

#8 Altyn Emel National Park in Kazakhstan

Central Asia, tourism

#9  Ashgabat in Turkmenistan – home to several Guinness Records for architectural achievementsTurkmenistan

#10 The Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan

Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Tian Shan mountains

Here are some of our favorite Central Asia photos:

Central Asia top 10 places to see

Central Asia

Central Asia, Uzbekistan

Central Asia, Kazakhstan

Central Asia, Kazakhstan

Central Asia Travel


Central Asia, Tajikistan

Central Asia, Tajikistan

Central Asia, Turkmenistan

Central Asia, Turkmenistan


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