Turkmenistan – top 5 Places to Visit

Posted on: 13 March 2018

Turkmenistan – top 5 Places to Visit

Turkmenistan is a very interesting country with its ancient fascinating Silk Road history. Turkmenistan top places to visitIf you are planning to explore this country, do not miss natural and cultural highlights of Turkmenistan – top 5 Places to Visit:

#1 Ashgabat – Monumental capital city full of Marble and golden architectureAshgabat city in Turkmenistan

#2 Merv – Ruins of an ancient city that was once one of the biggest cities in the worldruins of the ancient city in Turkmenistan

#3 Darvaza – gas crater also known as a “Gate of Hell”Darvaza gaz crator in Turkmenistan

#4 YangyKala – surreal cliffs and landscape of canyonsYangykala canyons in Turkmenistan

#5 Gonur Tepe – one the most ancient settled cities

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