Uzbekistan-  Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy

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Posted on: 24 January 2022

Uzbekistan – top 10 souvenirs to buy

  1. CeramicsUzbekistan ceramic colorful plates

  2. Wood carvingsWood carving plate in Uzbekistan

  3. Ikat fabrics -Uzbek textilesIkat fabrics in Uzbekistan market

  4. EmbroiderySuzani is an Uzbek embroidery perfect for souvenirs

  5. Samarkand paperSamarkand paper

  6. PuppetHandmade puppets from paper in Bukhara

  7. Miniature paintingsMiniature painting in Uzbekistan

  8. Metal art – engravings Metal handicrafted plate from Bukhara

    and jewelryJewelry in Uzbekistan

  9. NATIONAL HATS uzbek national hatsAND CLOTHESShopping in Uzbekistan for national clothes from cotton and silk

  10. CarpetsSilk road carpets in Bukhara

What is your favorite souvenir that you like to buy on your trips? What would you like to buy in Uzbekistan or Central Asia? Tag us on Instagram to show what you bought in Uzbekistan if you already have been there or planning to go.