Kazakhstan – Top 5 Places to Travel

Posted on: 4 April 2017

Kazakhstan – Top 5 Places to Travel
Kazakhstan - Top 5 Places to Travel

As the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan has many things to offer tourists. Our list showcases Kazakhstan’s cultural heritage, natural wonders and rapid modern development.


Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan with a population of 1.7 million people. It has myriad sightseeing opportunities, with plenty of parks and a variety of places of entertainment. You can also access free audio guide for Almaty and explore the city by your own.  It’s easy to take a day trip to Shymbulak ski resort, Medeu outdoor skating rink or Big Almaty Lake.  Almaty’s international airport is well connected, making it the perfect starting point for your Kazakhstan or Central Asia Tour.Kazakhstan travel, top places to see

# 2 Astana

Astana is a glorious modern city, planned and built by globally-renowned architects. It is unique in Central Asia and you can be forgiven for thinking that you are in a modern western city with huge malls, modern skyscrapers, and broad avenues.  Astana hosts World Expo 2017 dedicated to the theme of “Future Energy” which will be definitely worth checking out.Kazakhstan travel

# 3 Turkistan city & Yassawi Mausoleum

Turkistan is an important city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. The blue-domed mausoleum was built in the XIVth century and dedicated to Sufi philosopher and poet Khoja Ahmed Yassawi.Kazakhstan Travel, Turkestan

# 4 Altyn Emel National Park & Charyn Canyon

Altyn Emel was established as a National Park in 1996. It covers an area of 4600 square kilometers – the size of Luxembourg and Mauritius combined. One of the highlights of the park is the singing dune.Kazakhstan travel, sand dune in Altyn Emel

Charyn Canyon looks like a sister of Grand Canyon in the USA, plunging to 300 meters in places. It has an impressive size of 80 kilometers in length as well.Kazakhstan travel, Charyn Canyon

# 5 Kolsai Lakes & Kaindy

Kolsai is one of the most beautiful places for recreation, hiking, and horse riding in Kazakhstan. There are three lakes situated at an altitude of 1800 to 2700 meters above sea level.  Kolsai’s lakes are situated around 300 km from Almaty.Kazakhstan travel, Kolsai lakes

On the way, make a stop at Kaindy. This magical lake with birch trees is the result of an earthquake in 1911 that flooded the forest.Kazakhstan travel, Kaindy lake

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