Song Kul – alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan

Posted on: 4 January 2022

Song Kul Travel

Song Kul is a high alpine lake situated at an altitude of 3016 meters. It is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan with an area of 270 square kilometers. It is three times bigger than the Zurich lake by surface and its maximum depth reaches just around 22 meters. Song Kul is one of the highlights of Kyrgyzstan. Song Kul

Summer pasture by the Tian Shan

The lake is of tectonic origins and is surrounded by the central Tian Shan mountains. There are more than 20 rivers nourishing the lake and one flowing out is called Kajyrty river. There are 66 species of seasonal birds who nest at its shores and around ten species of fish. Fish were artificially introduced to the lake in the 1960s from fish farms of Issyk-Kul region. The valley has no trees but has well nourishing grass for livestock. Song Kul Travel

so what are the common activities to do at Song KUl Lake?

Go Hiking

Song Kul, people Kyrgyzstan

Go Horse Riding

Song Kul, horse-riding

Go biking

Song Kul, biking

Learn how to build a yurt

Song Kul,yurt building

Watch national horse games

Get to know locals

Kyrgyzstan people

Kyrgyzstan, Song Kul, kids
Kyrgyz people

Find a Photogenic placeKyrgyzstan, landscape, Song Kul

Find your perfect yurt

Song Kul, yurt

Song Kul, yurt, Kyrgyzstan

Go camping

Song Kul, son kol, camping Kyrgyzstan

Watch sunsetSong Kul, Kyrgyzstan


Song Kul, yurts, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, Song Kul, Starry nightEnjoy the Silence

Kyrgyzstan landscape

Eat local food in a yurtKyrgyzstan travel: eating in a yurt

The best time to Travel

The weather at this summer pasture can be unpredictable: from the sunny weather with blue skies, it can turn into strong wind, rain and it can even hail in summer. Because of the weather conditions, you can access the pasture only from June to September. The best time to visit is July and August, even then pack some warm jackets and hand warmers.

Song Kul Travel, Kyrgyzstan

Road to SonG Kul

Getting to the summer pasture is an adventure itself. There are various roads if you come from Naryn you can take a scenic route with serpentine roads.

Song Kol, Kyrgyzstan road

From Kochkor it is closer to get to Song Kul, just around 40 kilometers away, however, the drive through unpaved bumpy roads takes around 3 hours and then you will need to find your yurt.Kyrgyzstan scenery

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Kyrgyzstan nature


Song Kul

Song Kul in KyrgyzstanTo visit this summer pasture of Kyrgyz nomads check out our group tours or write us to customize your private tour.